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>>>Medium / Senior Community Marketing Post (SEO)

Operating Duty
1. Plan the SEO marketing strategies of various social media and build the SEO working mechanism from strategy to data closed loop;
2. Perform search engine optimization on social media platforms and be responsible for SEO results, including TiktokGoogle search engine, Facebook, YoutubePinterest, Twitter and other platforms with search functions;
3. Be responsible for external chain construction and content marketing, collect free / paid external chain resources, and promote SEO content;
4. Keyword analysis, monitoring relevant keyword search rankings, improving the coverage of industry keyword rankings, and outputting keyword insight reports;
5. In combination with keyword and SEO content strategy, pull all internal functional departments to complete relevant output, and review relevant delivery content from the perspective of SEO.

Job Requirements:
1. Understand the principle and strategy of SEO search engine, with relevant successful cases preferred;
2. Be familiar with the content distribution mechanism of domestic social media platforms and have a certain sense of network;
3. Be familiar with bag digital products and Yinzam products, plus points;
4. Have good content aesthetic ability and good copywriting ability, plus points.

>>>Intermediate Marketing Strategy Post (Industry Market)
Operating duty
1. Be fully responsible for the information collection of the industry market, deeply understand and understand the current situation and development of the market, and continuously maintain and output the market insight report;
2. Be responsible for formulating industry market strategies, communication plans and local consumer insights, communicating closely with overseas and local teams to support the regional implementation of the headquarters brand strategy, and adjusting to better adapt to the habits and preferences of local consumers;
3. Be responsible for the operation of domestic users and the output of corresponding content. Based on industry insight and experience, deeply dig out specific cases of the industry, and lead the output of localized market materials such as cases, solutions and product power content;
4. Assist in the management and implementation of industry market activities, including but not limited to exhibitions, conferences, forums, etc., and can evaluate and track the effect of market activities after implementation.
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years of relevant work experience in marketing / brand / marketing;
2. Be familiar with the domestic market and users;
3. Have a highly sensitive market sense and can continuously promote business development;
4. Have the ability to deeply analyze bag, fashion factors and vertical industries, and can independently output text;
5. Good learning ability and execution, good understanding of fashion products, and strong cross department communication and coordination ability are preferred.

>>>Intermediate Community Marketing Post (Content Operation)
Operating Duty
1. Be responsible for the operation of social media of Yinzam, and use social media content to improve the brand influence, popularity and popularity of Yinzam;
2. Independently collect and write social media content according to the global market and communication plan of Yinzam;
3. Control the data performance of social media, output data analysis and content observation to guide the follow-up promotion work.
Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in news and advertising English,France,Portuguese, Spainish is preferred;
2. More than 2 years of social media content operation experience and rich network promotion experience;
3. Media work and Internet editing experience are preferred;
4. Good writing skills, active thinking, and the ability to plan and implement new media communication activities;
5. Skilled use of PS, AI and other image editing and design software is preferred;
6. The resume must be attached with the links to the works on Twitter,Tiktok and official account that have been published in the past.

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