Bag Material Brief Introduction

5pcs/Set Crocodile Print PU Leather Women Crossbody Tote Bag Sets

Write in Front

A good bag is definitely the pursuit of every woman, but please always remember that the bag is just a small accessory on your body, the protagonist is yourself. To put it bluntly, a bag is an object for storing things. Whether it is a three-digit or four- or five-digit bag, it is not a precious thing. But as a luxury item, cherishing it well is a respect for life, brand and craftsmanship. If you really feel that using animal skins is too cruel, you can choose faux leather or canvas, etc. If you want to long-term storage or not, please do as follow:

"1." Dustproof

Because I often change bags, the ones I often carry are hung on the hanger. Anything else that is not so much will be stored well. So usually after a period of time, I will use a clean, soft white cotton cloth to gently wipe the surface, and then put it in a dust bag, or put it in a box if it is empty.

"2." Package protection

For some bags that are relatively collapsed, I will stuff them with white paper balls. Generally, when I just buy the white paper balls, I will not throw them away, but keep them in the box and stuff them back when they are not in use. In this way, one is moisture-proof, and the other is to be afraid of deformation of the bag, because the leather is very soft, and if it stays in a collapsed state for a long time, it may not be able to stand up, or there will be indentations.

Never stuff newspapers! promise me! If the ink from the newspaper gets on the bag, it is very difficult to deal with.

"3." Moisture-proof

People in humid areas can hide moisture-proof sheets or absorbent boxes in lockers, wardrobes. Prevents bags from getting moldy. Pay attention to maintaining ventilation, do not blindly cover the bag tightly, it is difficult to pay attention to mildew. The bag should always be kept clean and dry, but even if it is soaked by rain or mildew, it must not be exposed to the sun or dried at high temperature, otherwise the cortex will be brittle or the oil edge will melt, which is very difficult. repaired.

"4." Don't squeeze

When storing bags, give each bag enough space and do not squeeze each other. Pay special attention to the bag chain, for example, CHANEL has many metal chains, it is best to put it inside the bag, if it is outside, it will be very frustrating to overwhelm the surface of the bag. There are also zippers, and any metal hardware should be careful not to overwhelm the bag.

Do not repair it by yourself if not necessary!!!

For any bag, whether it is CHANEL or HERMES or YINZAM, or other brands, try not to do leather maintenance by yourself, and do not apply the so-called leather maintenance oil yourself. Never apply leather maintenance oil yourself, especially for genuine leather products, as is the case with any type of leather. Some brands have their own products for leather care, but it is still recommended to ask the brand's counter staff how to use them, after all, not every leather is suitable. I still feel risky.

Why not apply maintenance oil yourself?

Because it is genuine leather, most of which are treated with chemical reagents or plant substances before becoming the leather raw materials for making bags, so you are not sure whether your leather care products can be used on your bags. It will not chemically change its leather and destroy the leather structure.

Just like us, most animal skins have pores, no matter what color or processing method, plus our non-professionals, if we apply leather care products ourselves, it is very likely that the force will be uneven, so it will cause leather Color block, there may be a piece of leather on the bag that is different from the original leather color. If dark or black can be seen by the naked eye, let alone light-colored ones.

Find professional maintenance

In case your bag is really moldy, soiled in a large area, scratched, or you feel that it is old, it is not as tall and brand new as it was when you first bought it, and it is getting older, not one point or two. A little flaw is beyond recognition, what should I do? First, go to the brand's counter and ask about the maintenance services they provide. Most of them will not provide free cleaning services, and the price of each brand is different, and the repairs of different skins are different.

In general, if it reaches the level of maintenance, it is recommended to go to the counter for maintenance, and don't do experiments on your own bags casually!

The most important thing is that they are responsible for the maintenance of the counter. You broke it yourself, you can only cry by hiding under the quilt.

If you have a store you trust, of course, you can send it for maintenance, and you can also recommend it to a friend who has a good reputation. Blindly looking for a store online, I advise you to go to the counter! !

How to fix various problems

Get wet

If the leather bag gets wet with water, the water stain will soak into the leather, leaving a circle of marks, which is very unsightly. If it gets wet, you should find a clean and dry towel as soon as possible, and slowly suck the water out, don't blow it with a hair dryer! Put it in a dry place to dry naturally, without understanding the characteristics of the leather, the hot air may damage the structure of the leather itself and become very hard.

You should pay attention when using the bag at ordinary times. It is best not to touch any liquid. If it rains, you really prefer to get your clothes wet rather than drenching the bag in the rain.

Dirt or staining

If less severe, lightly rub the surface of the bag with a cotton pad, a small amount of cream, nail remover or professional care product, which can be used to remove light surface dirt or staining. It is best to try it in a place where the bag is not obvious before using it.


It is really frustrating to encounter an indentation. The first solution is to leave it alone, put it in a dust bag, and remember not to let anything overwhelm it this time. The dermis is elastic, just like human skin, and some slight indentations may come back on their own. Seriously, if you are bold and careful, you can use a hair dryer to blow through a piece of cotton cloth. You can first drive it to the cold wind and try to see if it works! No more hot air gear! Just remember to warm it up a bit! ! Don't overheat! ! Blow far away at first! !

 Hardware Oxidation

The hardware accessories of the bags or rivets on the bag are shiny when they are just bought, but they are easy to oxidize when they are used, and they do not look as shiny as they started. For ordinary care, you can use a cleaning agent specially designed to wipe metal, or use the finest sandpaper to gently polish off the oxide layer. However, if the metal part is rusted or damaged, it is recommended to send it to a professional shop for care. 

The easiest place to solve is the zipper. When the zipper is not easy to use and is astringent, you can apply some white oil to the zipper to make the zipper more lubricated and easy to use. If there is no white oil, you can use salad oil instead. It must be very smooth, remember not to touch the surface of the foreskin.


If the suede bag that is difficult to take care of is stained with oil or stains, you can use a hair dryer or a sticky roller to clean the surface, and then use a small soft brush to brush away the dirt. You can buy suede erasers and suede special brushes online.

Patent Leather

Patent leather is not as afraid of scratches as sheepskin, and it is less afraid of water, mainly because the method of patent leather is to put a layer of coating on the leather, so it looks bright and gives the leather an extra layer of protection. Of course, it does not mean that the patent leather is waterproof and can be used as an umbrella in rainy days. It just means that the water will not penetrate into the leather surface, just wipe it off quickly. No maintenance oil is recommended. Just wipe it clean with a soft cotton cloth.

The patent leather is most afraid of being placed with dark or faded things, and it is easy to transfer and color, so it is like newspapers and magazines as soon as the ink gets on it. There are also dark jeans that should never be touched, and everything that has faded should be separated. If you ask what to do if it does get dirty, the answer is to buy another one.

Also, the patent leather is afraid of heat, so it must not be placed in a place where the temperature is too high, such as in a car in summer, the coating on the patent leather may be deformed.

Home Remedies / Erasers

Eraser!  Very useful! Moreover, it is versatile, ordinary cowhide bags are not a problem, and canvas can also be wiped clean for you, but you need to be careful when wiping soft leather, not too hard. Especially the kind of dirty bag handle hardware, wipe very clean! For small stains! It is also very likely that the rub is different from other colors!

If you have any problems about the bags maintance, you can consulte us: